Analysis says that our work routines are going to be so hectic day by day and most of our tasks are limited to frequent use of cell phones, laptops and some other kind of digital devices; ultimate harmful  effects are seen everywhere as you can find most of users suffering with eye problems.

Presently almost seven out of every ten persons are facing serious issues with their eyes and they need proper optical care in order to recover losses. You might have heard about so many surgical cases as well as other less painful therapies but after all these solutions, strength specs are most useful to recover eye losses due to your changing work schedule. If you spend most of your time with computer screen then readers can help to save your eyes.

There are lots of printout tests you can try, but making sure you get the right glasses is important and we wouldn’t recommend a self diagnosis. It might be that you don’t actually need spectacles but prescription glasses instead and it is better to safe than sorry so we recommend that you visit an optician to get your eyes checked by a professional. That way you can have the peace of mind that a professional has checked your eyes and you are getting the right reading glasses for you, especially if you haven’t been for an eye test before or for a long time.


Who gets a free Eye Tests?

free eye test

Free Eye Test Reading Glasses


You can visit a number of opticians to ensure proper treatment of your eyes and most of them will offer eye tests for less than £25, you might also find that your employer will pay or contribute towards an eye test for you so it is worth checking.

We have found a special offer by Specsavers which seems to always be on that offers you an eye test at £5. You can select your east England opticiansIt will help you to save money even with proper eye checkup.

Once you have your results they’ll obviously try and sell you their glasses but you have no obligation to get any from them. Make sure you get a print out of your results so you can see what strength you require. Then you can take your time have a look on the internet and in shops to find the right glasses for you, and glasses can range from £1 to £200+, so there really is something for everyone. Of course, if style and quality are important for you then we would recommend you take a look at our shop.


Black Reading Glasses

Black Reading Glasses



Choose the Right Strength / Power


Selection of reading glasses strength is really a difficult job if you don’t have experience in this field.

In order to do right selection you must follow some expert steps as like:

  • First of all determine right strength of your readers.
  • Then hold the reading material at a distance of about 12 to 14 inches from your face. Try to use a paper on which words are written with variable font size so that you can judge ability of glasses to give proper view.
  • Start reading without giving stress to your eyes; it must be easy to read and view.
  • If you can easily identify all alphabets with all size patterns then these glasses are perfect for you.

When you go for an eye exam and if your problem is serious enough, you probably get a prescription from eye care professionals; at that time it is important to ask them that whether you must buy non prescription ready readers and if yes then what strength will be best according to your eye exam results.

There are so many options available in market with variable price ranges but one thing that matters is what your eyes actually need. If you can select cool eyeglasses then it becomes much easier to handle your routine work without posing stress in eyes. Another important thing to note about these glasses is that if you work on a computer of 18” screen it will need different lenses whereas if you need to concentrate on 28 inches your eyes will demand different value of lenses. Your optician will guide you better for right strength value.

What are reading glasses?


Readers are used to correct a vision deficiency known as Presbyopia. Presbyopia is an age related degeneration of the vision believed to be caused by a loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye as well as changes in the muscles of the eye associated with focusing. While the process may continue throughout one’s life it begins to become noticeable, affecting vision, by about age 40. It is evidenced by having to hold books reading material, including books, newspapers, menus and the like, farther and farther away, eventually to arms length or longer. One may also notice headaches after extended periods of close work. Don’t confuse Presbyopia with far sightedness, medically known as hyperopia. Hyperopia is caused by an eyeball that is too short from front to back, causing the light rays to focus in an imaginary spot behind the eye’s retina. Since the rays are not in focus as they hit the retina, blurry vision is the result.


Ready to wear Readers

Ready to wear reading glasses

Ready to wear reading glasses


You might have observed that when you move your glasses down and put it on your nose, its magnification level increases automatically. One must consider this change as important consideration while buy non prescription glasses; some of you might be capable enough to read things places at far distance easily and may need to remove glasses while reading closer objects.

For them it is important to make proper selection of reading glasses so that they can visualize things accurately at different distances. A reading glass must be suitable for watching TV while working on iPad or reading newspaper side by side. Thus you must buy right pair of glasses that can assist you in every routine task and you need not to remove it again and again for switching between different distances of view.

High quality readers are designed with quality material; you can find various dealers online as well as offline to avail different price ranges. Reading glasses are designed to give perfect sense of fashion and you can easily find different designs, colours and styles depending upon your personality type. But while buy spectacles ensure that you pick a quality product, never try to compromise for money otherwise it may harm your eyes for long time.

These glasses come with unique frame patterns and are very durable so that users can enjoy quality service for long time. Once you are able to determine right strength for your reading glasses, then it becomes easier to fight with your eye troubles without any additional effort.