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Red Reading Glasses by ZIC

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Red Frames by ZIC


You might have thought of having the red colour but their non-availability must have forced you to compromise with your choice. Zic glasses has brought the red colour to you to realize your dreams. Whether you are going to office, college or to a party, you can wear your pair of eyeglasses without worrying about your style. This unique colour will add to the uniqueness of your style.

The red gives strength and personality. This colour is mostly used by women but many men are beginning to use it. It might be combined with some cool colours like blue and grey, and even black. The combination with the white is perfect.These coloured reading glasses are bold and risky, ideal for fair skin.


Clean your red glasses – Wet wipes


If your glasses want to clean with any wet lens cleaning cloths, you should make certain that they do not contain abrasive chemicals that the glass covering – can attack – for example with anti-reflective glasses. Find out the best asking your optician whether your glasses can withstand wet wipes.

In any case, it is recommended that the glasses initially rinsed with clear normal water in order to remove any solid debris that may circumstantially rub the damp cloth on the lens otherwise.

The gentlest option for a whole cleaning of the readers is actually a ultrasonic bath tub at your optician. The tiniest dirt particles are removed by itself and also the eyeglass framework looks as good as new afterwards. Most opticians offer the actual ultrasonic bath as a service completely free of charge. Build your visual aid in any lawsuit, even apart when you want to clean your red spectacles.


Types of Eyeglasses


Two different designs of eyeglass lenses: the lens for single vision, designed to alter distance vision, and multifocal, built to correct both distance vision because closely (top distance vision works on, while the lower part is employed for activities that require near vision, such as reading).

Multifocal lenses are used to correct presbyopia, during which the eye’s ability to focus on faithful objects decreases due to the progression of age. Bifocal contacts provide correction for reading at the bottom, and for distance in top. Some specialised glasses may also have segments from the top for those who will want to look up items located at the intermediate or near distance (double bifocal D). Trifocals corrections are usually lenses with three different technique: distance vision, intermediate vision, and also near vision in one lens. Progressive lenses work just as bifocals or trifocals, however, have a very smooth transition between different elements of focus, rather than divides. As the seamless transition of progressive lenses may be more great looking, the focus areas are relatively small due to space while using transition zones. Progressive lenses cause more distortion when compared with other lenses, making them more challenging to use in about 10 percent of users.

If you do not need a correction for distance, you could get reading glasses (sometimes called “readers”) without prescription in pharmacologist, libraries and many other retailers, to correct presbyopia. You may also get a prescription for readers through its supplier of eyes care.


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3 reviews for Red Reading Glasses by ZIC

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Oliver Oneal

    I’m so pleased with my new specs & happy to be able to finally not have to worry about how I treat my specs.Brilliant service start to finish

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Claire Sandler

    I used them for my holidays and after few months still in good condition. Lenses are good quality wich is the most important thing in a long term for me. Definitely they worth the purchase…thxxxxxx

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brittany Flint

    These red reading glasses re superb very well made. Very robust and a lot better than any your likely to find in the bargain shops. will definitely re order.

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