Nowadays most of the job profiles are limited to computer related work and here we have to spend long time while continuously watching the computer screen. It is one of the most common reasons for increased eye sight issues between common people as brightness of computer screen causes eye strain, red eyes, blurriness in vision as well as various other harmful symptoms. If you are still below the age of 40’s and your eyes are facing more stain due to computer screen then you may surely find trouble for continuous focusing of eyes over screen as well as while shifting your vision between screen and keyboard. But in case if you are over the age of 40’s then similar issues can be caused by symptoms of presbyopia that is directly related to age initiated focusing issues.


What are Computer Reading Glasses?


There are so many varieties of glasses that help in correction of eye vision issues but all of them are dedicated for different purposes and must be used accordingly. The computer reading glasses differ from regular reading glasses because they are designed in special manner just to reduce the strain of eyes that occurs due to long hours computer work. As per a recent analysis, it is observed that an average person use to work for almost 8 to 10 hours in front of computer screen and these highly occupied or busy hours leads to various vision related issues. Most of people start feeling irritated with this routine because their eyes do not cooperate with such a huge strain level. The anti reflective coating of computer reading glasses is capable enough to reduce glare that use to bounce from the computer screen as well as the heavy light coming from this screen. The color tinting of these glasses also helps to reduce contrast effects of screen without causing any trouble to your eyes.


Need of Reading glasses for computer:


One of the most prominent solutions for safety of eyes from strain is to use computer reading glasses as they are considered as best devices to improve focus of eyes with proper vision. The computer screens are generally positioned at a distance of 20” to 26” from eyes of the users and this distance is considered as intermediate zone for vision that lies between distant vision and near vision and ensure strain free working for eyes. But if your eyes demand correction of vision for computer screen then you need to wear reading glasses while using computer.


Most of the young people use to wear eyeglasses in order to make corrections in distant vision of eyes whereas the reading glasses are used for correction of near eye vision. The bifocal lenses are prescribed for the people of age more than 40’s as they use to suffer with presbyopia symptoms. Studies reveal that trifocal as well as progressive lenses are also better option for ensuring comfortable intermediate zone to eyes while working on computer. Without reading glasses for computer, many people use to face trouble such as blurred vision, headaches as well as eye strain.


Types of Lenses for Computer Reading Glasses:


Most of the computer screens are placed at a distance of about 20 to 26 inches from eyes of user’s as it is defined as the intermediate zone. There are so many manufacturers available in market and they have created so many designs for computer reading glasses as per instructions given by opticians. Some of these glasses are:

Single Vision type computer glasses


They reduce the risk leading to blurred vision, bad posture as well as eye strain. These glasses can be used by all age groups without any problem.

Occupational Progressive Lenses


These are well known multifocal lenses that are capable enough to reduce near, distant as well as intermediate vision issues. The occupational progressive lenses will provide you much improved and highly comfortable vision while using computer but they are not recommended for long duration usage.

Occupational trifocal and bifocal lenses


These lenses offer a higher zone for the intermediate as well as near vision as compared to trifocal and bifocal glasses. You will be glad to know that position of vision for near and intermediate zone can be personalized as per your need for specific type of computers.

Black Folding Reading Glasses ZIC

Black Folding Reading Glasses ZIC

Lenses designed for reading glasses for computer:


Various manufacturers have designed so many varieties of computer reading glasses and they are prescribed by most of the doctors for computer users. Note that they are not made for general purpose wear as well as for driving. One of the simplest type of computer glasses possess single vision type lenses that are having a highly modified lens power so that users can avail most comfortable wearing experience while using computer. This power of lenses use to provide better vision to eyes and one can focus on computer screen from distance also with perfect view. Another type of popular lenses that are especially designed for computer users are the occupational progressive lenses that consists of perfect construction which ensures correction for near, far as well as intermediate vision of user while working on computer. Some other varieties of reading glasses for computer include occupational trifocal as well as bifocal lenses that provide proper assistance for improving vision of your eyes with more customized construction. An Optometrist can better help you to decide that which type of reading glasses are useful for your eyes depending upon your work routines.


Benefits of wearing computer reading glasses


No one likes to work with blurred vision, strain on eyes as well as with computer caused headaches. These high quality reading glasses offer much better vision with glare reduction so that you can easily work for longer periods of time without any trouble. If you are suffering any issue with your eyes or you use to work for long hours on internet then it is good to buy right pair of computer reading glasses that can suit you better as per your routines. There are so many dealers online as well as offline; you can buy your lenses easily at reasonable price.