Presbyopia? What Should we know about it?


Presbyopia is something that most of us will experience at some point during in our life and it’s simply when we begin to struggle to focus on objects very close to us that could be the small print on food packing, small fonts in books or even the details on a computer screen. It actually has its roots in the Greek language; you can be safe in the knowledge that you certainly won’t be the first to be effected by it! For the most part you will usually start to notice a difference between the ages of 40 to 50, but of course there are always exceptions to every rule.

Some major symptoms of Presbyopia are:


  • It causes difficulty in reading small prints.
  • You are forced to hold reading materials at least at a distance of 2 feet or more to make clear vision.
  • Patients of Presbyopia face problem to see closely placed objects.
  • Headache is usually caused by this disease.
  • People suffer with eye train problem.


If you are facing any of these symptoms in your routine life, it is good to consult your Doctor before it is too late. It can be exacerbated by long periods of focus at a close distance, though there are a number of remedies available to you. Most people are happy enough to start wearing reading glasses; essentially these are glasses that help the user to focus on things at close distances. But if you are already wearing contact lenses to cure this type of problem and still symptoms are present, your eyes might need any other prescription.


The strength of reading glasses varies from a dioptre from +0.5 to +4.0 and your optician can advise you on the appropriate strength for you. We would always recommend visiting your optician just in case it is something different and they can also make sure, you are aware of which reading glasses might be best for you.

Below are some essential facts about glasses as well as surgical treatment that can help to diagnose Presbyopia:


Contact Lenses:


Those who face above symptoms at early age are sufferers of emerging Presbyopia and they feel it very strange to have problem in reading close prints; young people usually do not prefer to wear bifocal glasses. But here is good news for you that advanced Bifocal contact lenses are available in various GP lens as well as soft designs. These contact lenses adjust vision perfectly for close objects and also for those which are far away. You can also buy multifocal contact lenses that have power to make corrections over far, intermediate as well as near vision.  Some people will also like to buy Monovision type lenses in which you have near vision lens for one eye and far vision lens for other so that eyes can perfectly balance near and far region.




Bifocal eyeglasses are designed to provide near vision prescription from bottom side of lens whereas upper part focuses for far distance objects. Progressive eyeglasses are also useful as they provide perfect adjustment between near and far object vision. Reading glasses are also one of the good options for Presbyopia and you can choose out of various designs available in market.

Red Folding Reading Glasses ZIC

Red Reading Glasses



There are certain surgical procedures also available for treatment of Presbyopia but are preferred by very few people. Near Vision CK treatment or so called Keratoplasty makes use of radio waves to improve curvature of cornea that tends to boost near vision ability. This procedure is generally used for those patients who face Presbyopia symptoms in only one eye. But studies reveals that this surgical treatment lasts for very small period and then you may again face same symptoms for reading near objects.

Presbyopia is not the cause of worries as it can be treated easily but must be recognized timely so that you can undergo proper treatment process before it starts harming your eyes more. Wearing reading glasses, contact lenses or eyeglasses, all are good options and you can choose any of these as per your convenience. There are various dealers providing you glasses at affordable price, you can also buy from online websites. You must also ensure time to time eye checkups so that improvements can be observed; or if your eyes demand any other treatment that can also be diagnosed with regular eye exams.