Whether you want to sport geeky oversized glasses or you want to go for some chic rimless glasses it’s surely time for you to buy yourself a new pair.

In this article we will take you through the trending styles in mens reading glasses


Recently, mens reading glasses have taken a cue from the trendy sunglasses worn by famous designers. While choosing the right readers make sure you take the time to find an elegant pair with a classic appeal and hint of trendiness at the same time.

Power of plastic


 Plastic framed glasses aka nerd glasses are pretty hip these days. If you are the serious type then choose a thick black rectangular frame while high school and university students should better go for a sleek plastic frame in a vibrant colour. Choose a tortoise shell plastic frame if you want to look suave while reading a novel or go for a crystallised semi transparent tone for flicking through your emails at your desk. However, nothing can beat the classic look of a black, brown or beige frame which can be worn anywhere, any time of the day. Another trending spectacles style this year is the double toned plastic frames where the arms are of one colour while the frame is of another. If you are confident enough to carry it off then surely go for one of these sporty two toned plastic glasses.

Pink Folding Reading Glasses ZIC

Pink Reading Glasses

Classic Rimless 


Rimless eyeglasses not only exude class and elegance but are also one of the most flexible styles you will come across. These specs have their bridge and arms hinged on the actual lenses. Even though they might look fragile, wearing them is really comfortable. They are so light that you won’t even feel that you are wearing glasses.  Rimless glasses come in a variety of shapes so you can choose one which best suits your face. Round rimless glasses are coming to the forefront once again and the John Lennon look is becoming increasingly popular among 21st century men. One huge advantage of this type of frame is the fact that the arms are really flexible and if you go for a good quality titanium arm then you can even move it back and forth without breaking it.


Wire Frames


Mens reading glasses with wire frames has always been stylish and still continue to be. If you want to go for a minimalistic frame then choose one of the wire frame glasses. They come in a variety of colours but black, silver or gold are the colours to go for. This has always been a staple in reading glasses for men and you can always wear a pair to the office.


Antiglare specs are out of fashion this year because of all the cleaning it requires. If you have a super active life then you can go for polarized lenses which will filter the UV rays along with reflected light, water and snow glare.