All the wearable fans must be amazed to know that Google has launched the latest model of Google Glass. This latest model has been incorporated with the major hardware alteration for Glass and is powered by an Intel x86chip instead of the ARM. With these features, it is especially designed for working people to become their companion. This model of Google glass has the ability to fulfill the demands of the modern working world through its latest processor and longer battery life. Its refreshed design that offers you the ability to move the prism of both horizontally and vertically is a big source of attraction among the workforce.


The apps that are specially built for this device guide you throughout your day. Some examples are:


Travelling assistance


No matter how soon you have to travel, it will guide you through the journey. This software brings out all the information regarding flights from your email. Not only that, it will predict the weather of both the cities from where and to which you are travelling. It will guide you about the directions and will tell the travel time from your home to the station. Despite of being device, it acts as your companion throughout your journey.


Encourage lifestyle


With lots of sporty apps that guide to about living a healthy life, the Google Glass encourages you to change your lifestyle to better. These apps include LynxFit, Strava cycling, Golfsight by Skydroid and Strava Run. By wearing these glasses you can access all the features that you access through your phone with one more advantage that the former one allows to have all that with both your hands free.  There is no need to check the phone screen time and again. The other apps like KitchMe and AlltheCooks Recipes also have share in encouraging you about your lifestyle. By wearing the Google Glass you can wash your hands through the cooking process, check the recipes and ingredients which are less messy than doing all these on the phone.


Hands-free searching


Along with all the social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook, Path and more where you update status, videos and photos on your timeline, the Google Glass pushes your updates with a #throughglasshashtag that makes the photos easy to find. Livestream and Shazam are the new additions in this smart device. With the voice search ability in this device, there is no need to move your hands for everything you want to know. Just say what you want to see and you will be delivered that. For instance, if you say “start broadcasting” and the thing that you want to see, then it will beam it to your video channel without any delay.


Word translation


One of the most impressive apps is the Word Lens, which scans and translates the words visually in English to German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese and the vice-versa. To translate the particular word, you have to hold your head still.


A number of new apps are in the way that various developers want to embed in this device from iOS and android devices. The usability of this device will increase with new apps that are going to be a new experience for the users.


Google has recently given good news to the eye wearers, by introducing a stylish range of eye-wears, called ‘Google Glass 2015”. It offers comfortable and slick design which facilitates hands free photo taking easy.   The glass has been upgraded with more memory and new applications that come out in time for Google IO.  Google has also been offering a free pair of frames and premium shades with all new orders. In addition to it, users can also enjoy more apps and updates to the linear operating system.


The Look


Google glass is highly stylish and comfortable to wear, if we talk about the designs.  It features a titanium head band that has the ability to be stretched from one ear to another. You can also find a plastic casing whose function is to hide the glass’ chief components. Hence, it gives a clean and balanced look.  The stylish glass is made to grab the attention of the viewers with its highly versatile glass prism that can be found above the right side. It offers acceptable 640*360 resolutions. The glass is 5.25″wide and 8″long. You can choose from a variety of colors such as black, grey, orange, white, blue, etc.




Google glass-apps

Google glass-apps

The Feel


If we talk about the feel of this glass, it is very light t in weight and you will not feel its weight while it’s resting on your face.  It weighs around 42 grams. If this is the first time you are purchasing it, you might experience slight temporary headaches, which are normal.  It is also suggested not refrain from using the glass more than a couple of hours during the initial days. You can  also find several ports and buttons attached to the glass.  The interactions can be done through a 3.25 inch touchpad, which can be found on the right side of the glass. Just below the touchpad, there lies a micro USB port , which can be utilized for charging the device and in top of it, you can find a button to click beautiful pictures, even in noisy environment.  There is also an ON button, to which you need to put a slight pressure to turn the glass on.


Operating System


Google Glass is just a companion to your smartphone.  You can install applications by accessing the MyGlass portal through a browser on a PC.  The MyGlass app is available for IOS, but windows phone users are not quartered. When you start using it, you will be greeted with an ultra-minimalist home screen that floats the time and key phrase “OK Glass”, right in front of your vision.  As you download more apps, the list becomes longer and extra phrases become available.  The home screen of the glass fades away within few seconds, but you can wake it up by tapping on the touchpad.  You may also toggle On-Head Detection, which then activates glass when either you Head Wake Up or put it on.


Looking Through the Glass


This amazing product from Google is a true miracle. It comes close to eliciting the kind of open-mouthed amazement, which is otherwise reserved for only cutting edge technology.  You might not feel very excited after discovering Google maps, but is loaded with it too.  The glass strongly demonstrates the local streets floated in a view with every twist and turn. The glass also struggles to keep itself cool. On warmer days, you might receive notifications that glass is overheating and performance degraded significantly.  You might also experience the display washing out quickly in the bright light.  With huge variation in people’s eyesight, some may find it a comfortable experience, while others may not.


Battery Life


Google claims the battery last for one day of typical use.  Therefore, you can use it without having it to charge after couple of hours. However, those who use the glass continuously may find battery performance poor.  You can click pictures, play videos, record videos and battery is going to last for about 2-3 hours. However, with the installation of more and more applications, the battery tends to drain faster than it used to be earlier. Google has also created extra battery pack, which can be magnetically connected to a gadget.




The Google Glass is ideally suited for companies who are willing to equip their workforce with smarter technology.  Apart from staying updated with the updates from the companies, you can effectively keep pace with the ever changing technology.  It has comes with a spare battery pack, which you can magnetically connect to a gadget to get prolonged working time with the glass.  It might not prove much useful to an ordinary man as he many look for better options such as smartphones to access apps, maps and camera. While, those who to stay connected to the outer world constantly may find this useful a lot.


Wi-fi Connectivity


For all functionality, you will require your glass to pair up with your smartphone, PC or tablet. It offers only Wi-fi connectivity for limited standalone use one day.  It works equally well with IOS and Android Phones, but may disappoint Windows lovers.   It also has Bluetooth functionality which can standup to a full day of being paired with smartphone, which is again a difficult task to handle and needs improvement.


The Verdict


The price of the glass is quite high, which again may disappoint common man. Unlike glasses, to gain popularity among the masses, Google should think about dropping the prices of the glass, else limited to the enterprises only.  The features of the glass are quite similar to the ones, common in smartphones. But to stay updated to the latest updates, you may require picking and checking up the phone again. While, the glass keeps you ahead of everything. This is truly a great product, but certainly requires several improvements.  But in terms of design, look and feel, and functionality, it is amazing.  If you are a techno-geek, this is the product for you.