It’s time to change your glasses!


Maybe you change your graduation or you have been old. You just can go to optician and you will be able to find a range of frames of different shapes and colours that have the ability to catch and try.


But … How to choose the right glasses for you?


To answer this question we need to consider two main factors; the way your face and tastes you have. As the latter is something so personal, in that we focus not on what but first I’ll give some basic tips to hit the nail with the most suitable spectacles for you.

Today I will explain the various forms of faces, glasses and frames to avoid depending on each case.


Basic Tips to hit the nail and choose the most suitable sunglasses for your face


How to choose sunglasses to suit for a round face?


right glasses to suit round face

I have a friend with a round face wearing round specs also. She said she was used to wearing them because since childhood like that.

When he went to the optician to change his glasses he went straight for the most plump exposed and put them on. I realized that made him a face of tremendous bread. Much more than when not wearing eyeglasses.

What happens in these cases is that if a person with a round face choose round glasses sets, emphasize the same way and make it more obvious, for that reason we have to avoid that kind of frames.


Right away I recommended a rectangular frame and instantly changed his appearance.


Why a rectangular frame?


Very easy. The rectangular spectacles produce a contrast of forms and get smooth round features. Visually we fail to accentuate the roundness of the face taking a completely different way.

At the end my friend kept the rectangular frame and although at first it cost him look with this great change, now looks gorgeous and see with his specs.


How to choose the sunglasses to suit for a square or rectangular face?


right glasses to suit square face

Do you have a square face? This case is similar as the previous one with round face shapes. You have to avoid as far as possible square frames with very sharp angles because what they get is to accentuate the same angles of your face.

The perfect glasses are rounded. By this I do not mean that you have to always choose round frames, like Harry Potter, but that their lines tend to more rounded corners.


What are the glasses to suit for an oval face?


right glasses to suit oval face

It is the perfect face shape to wear glasses because any kind of shape do fine. When someone with this type of face tells me he does not like wearing specs because they look bad with them it gives me a lot of rage.

If you have an oval face you might choose square glasses, round or pear as long as they are the right size. What an envy!



What are the glasses to suit for a long face?


right glasses to suit long face

Usually this type of faces are usually narrower than usual and is more difficult to hit with form. This happens because people with long face tend to think that all glasses are too big for them and focus on finding the smallest possible.

But that’s a mistake! You really have to look for specs that do not overstate the proportions of your face. The ideal saddle height is long and wide shorter, but never excessively large or small sizes.


If you are able to find glasses shorter in width at the bottom than at the top, would be better.

In this case it does not matter the frame has more rounded or angle shape. As in the previous cases you have to also avoid shapes that resemble your own face and in this case are the type pear shapes that accentuate the feeling of a long face.

In addition they will be well either narrow rectangular frames high, just like a cross, because that will look your face and still will face more narrow sense.


Glasses to suit the face with big nose


Having a big nose does not have to be a problem for you to feel better glasses. In this case you have to choose large and fine bridges frames.

Why choose large frame? The fact that the frame is large nose will pass more unnoticed.

And the thin bridge for what? If we find a frame with fine bridge we prevent the apparent nose get even bigger.

This is not to hide our features, we simply have to get more exaggerate not.


Glasses to suit the face with a small nose


Pink Folding Reading Glasses ZIC

If you have a small nose you need spectacles not too large to avoid the appearance that there is no nose!

My advise would be to pronounce that a little more with a frame that has the striking bridge, either because it is wide or some colour. So will more bulk in the area of the nose and face will look more proportionate.


Glasses to suit the face with very pronounced nose bridge


It is difficult to be comfortable with glasses having this feature, but not impossible!

What glasses feel better if you have narrow nose? Few days ago a guy came looking for a right frame for him and I saw he had very little nasal bridge. He wore horn-rimmed spectacles who supported him in the nostrils directly, so logically, had to raise his head to the roof to see something. And he told me he had enough time with neck pain.

If you have little pronounced nasal bridge like this guy I can tell you that rimmed frame will be the best choice to hold glasses. There are also rimmed models both pulp and metal, which does not weigh as much as the old metal frames that give us so afraid.

You also have another option, which is to choose frame with lock bridge. I mean those specs which have a hole above it seems that instead of putting the nose there are going to put an old key.

This type of bridge makes the weight is distributed on the sides of the nose and glasses have more support if the area does not have enough nose bridge.

In the end the boy, who wanted to avoid at all costs the metal frames, decided on a saddle bridge lock and watch that happen, says that now looks better, but had not changed her graduation, but when wearing glasses on the correct position the view is better and besides, no longer have neck pain!


I know which my suitable frame is. And now that?


With these simple tips you’ll save a good headache when choosing frames. And most importantly, do not get confused and be uncomfortable or unattractive see you later.

Do not forget you have to look for eyeglasses that weigh little and have a resistant material. Always ask your at your optician to explain the type of material of  your glasses.


Now comes the complicated. What colour do you like best?