In your day to day life, you can find many cases of Presbyopia which leads to loss of the ability to focus on very close objects. This problem used to be more common among the over 40s but many adults less than 40 are also suffering with same problem. Ready readers are designed specifically to help these people so that they can read normally without expensive prescription specs. Discover how to choose reading glasses for you.

Types of Spectacles


There are many types of readers and one must be clear about their usage before buying them.

• Full reading glasses are useful for those who spend large time focusing on close objects.

• Half-eye type reader specs enable users to look down through glasses for nearby work and the upper part can be used to see greater distances.

• Computer spectacles are popular for those who spend most of their time in front of a computer.

How to choose Reading Glasses


When you are able to get the right pair of strength reading glasses for you believe that half of your job for safety of your eyes is done.

Here are few tips for choosing the right pair of spectacles for you:


  1. Right Power:


It is most important factor and very few of you might be aware about it that power of eye glasses is indicated over them with the help of some stickers or signs. In most of the cases they range between +1 and +4 diopter with an increment of about +0.25. If you are going to wear reading glasses for the very first time then it is good to start with +1 power that is considered lowest.

  1. Test Drive with Glasses:


When you go for strength reading eye glasses purchase prefer to take some reading material with you and when you finalise your glass type it is good to take a test drive with them. Open you reading material and try to read by keeping it at normal distance so that you can assure that these glasses are actually made for you or not. If you are not sure then try different powers till the time you are able to get perfect reading ability. Every test must be done with most comfortable reading distance so that you can use these glasses without any trouble later on.

  1. Go with bigger:


If it is going to be your first experience to wear spectacles then it is good to buy a pair with bigger frame as well as glasses. They must be capable enough to cover wider portion of your eyes so that you can read comfortably while looking from extreme lower position as well as upper side.


Red Folding Reading Glasses ZIC

Red Reading Glasses

Readers  →  Here are some benefits of using them:




You are not always sure that when you will urgently need your specs and if you have large, bulky glasses which don’t even fit into your pocket, it will become annoying to carry them around all the time. They are very compact and convenient to hold and you can fold them easily when not in use. You don’t not to worry about breakage or scratches as these spectacles are specifically designed to meet your requirements and protect the lenses when not in use.

Perfect pair


 People used to buy few pairs of spectacles so that they can use them in different locations without the need to carry them all the time. But folding reading specs are perfect pair of spare glasses that you can put anywhere. Either in your purse or on keychain and they’ll  provide you instant solution for your sudden needs.

Best solution


These advanced specs help you to solve your reading needs whatever life throws at you by providing you compact and convenient storage. You don’t need to put them in a large case again and again because they can be put into your pocket without worrying about damage.

Long Life


These glasses are designed with durable materials and possess long life so that you need not to waste your money again and again to buying new glasses every time they break!

Affordable solution


Folding reading glasses are available at affordable price and many online dealers will offer you home delivery.

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