People who are into online shopping know that the web usually beats a brick and mortar shop in terms of convenience and even offers a cheaper price. However one needs to consider certain factors before buying cheap reading glasses online. Remember that each and every pair of reading spectacles is a custom made item. There are a variety of designs of both the lenses and the frames and the lens treatments also differ from person to person. Ideally there should be an optician present who would be taking all the measurement for a perfect fit.

Where Can I buy the best cheap Reading Glasses?


Once you have worked out which strength reading specs you need the next step is choosing the right pair for you. You may have noticed that reading glasses span a wide price range, and it is important to understand the difference between a pair of ZIC spectacles and a pair of specs you can find for a couple of pounds in your local supermarket.

The main differences come down to the quality of the materials used to make the specs that ensure both your vision remains clear and the spectacles remain in top quality condition for their entire lifetime.

The key differences are the lenses and the polycarbonate structure of the frames. ZIC lenses are made with a material called, CR 39, whilst most cheap spectacles use methacrylate. The main limitation of methacrylate is the thickness of the lens, which needs to be thicker to achieve a similar level of curvature required to ensure clear vision in comparison to CR39 lenses.

In addition to that CR39 lenses can’t be scratched on either side of the lens due to the extreme hardness of the material used. It’s also good to know that you can use any cleaning product on your ZIC specs because the durability of the lenses whereas with other lenses made of methacrylate many chemical cleaners will damage the surface of the lens and distort your vision.

Finally, in terms of the frames the key component that differentiates ZIC readers with their cheaper cousins are the fact that they are made from polycarbonates and there is no need for any screws, glues or lacquers in their construction which makes them far more durable and resistant to high impact than frames held together with screws or glue found in cheaper reading glasses.

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Disadvantages of cheap reading glasses


Thousands of customers going for cheap reading glasses are risking headaches and various other eye problems since more than half of the glasses sold online never manages to meet the standard. Buying these glasses from an online shop is not only short sighted but even dangerous for your eyes. More than half of the glasses bought from the leading online shops don’t meet the basic standards. Millions of people are trying to find an alternative to the expensive street opticians by resorting to cheap online lenses.

It might be surprising to learn that independent researchers collected 36 pair of glasses from over 12 online shops and out of them 15 pairs completely failed the test and didn’t match up with the British industry standard. The rest 21 pairs managed to pass the test but were rated as borderline. Researchers have found that about half of the prescription glasses sold online come with the wrong lenses and the quality of the lens are more than terrible.

Another group of researchers headed by Karl Citek a professor of optometry, bought 200 pairs of eyeglasses from online shops and found out that in many cases the glasses came with single vision lenses instead of multifocal lenses. Secondly the lens treatments like tints and coatings were either incorrectly done or left out altogether. One out of every 50 lens even failed the impact testing. Professor Citek explains that glasses bought online can be a little off in the optics and in case there is no one to verify the prescription chances are high that one will continue to wear those incorrect reading specs.

You can be rest assured that an online seller is not going to call your optician and verify the prescriptions. Even if they do, nobody can ensure that the lenses are safe since our optician has no option of checking the impact resistance of the finished lenses. Yet there are still many people who prefer buying their reading glasses online because it is less expensive and hassle free. In case you are still adamant about buying your glasses online then ask your optometrist to check the prescription and verify the glasses once you have received your order.

 Buying Cheap readers? Why you should avoid them?


The optical centre of the lenses is the only part which is responsible for giving you the finest vision and it is imperative that the optical centre is placed right in front of your pupils. This is precisely why the eyeglass maker needs to ascertain the distance between your pupils or PD. Measuring your own PD can be a bit tricky. In order to correctly measure the PD you need a lot of practice and even trained and experienced opticians cannot always measure their own PD correctly.

The fit of the eyeglasses is yet another very important issue. Huge frames which don’t fit the nose bridge properly are prone to slip. This is not just extremely uncomfortable but can also give you a headache. Moreover if the lens is too small wearing it would automatically be very uncomfortable. Tight frames pinch the sides of the head leaving marks on the temples causing discomfort behind the ears. It needs to be remembered that the prescription strength and the weight of the eyeglasses largely determines whether they would look good while being comfortable. This is where an experienced optician comes to the play. They would help you determine if the frames selected by you would work or if they would lead to problems once the lenses have been inserted. They would also give you essential tips about lighter lenses which would make you more comfortable.



Finally it can be said that people with a simple prescription can go for online specs but people with complex prescriptions needs to be more careful. If you are keen on trying your luck online then make sure to ask your optician to verify the prescription and adjust the frames once you have received your parcel. Make sure to go through the return policy and warranty of the site you are making your purchase from. Lastly it needs to be mentioned that never risk the vision of your children by buying cheap readers. A study has revealed that one in four children’s eyeglasses fail the impact resistance testing. The same study also demonstrated that about half of these glasses don’t come with the proper prescription or else have issues with impact resistance.