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ZIC™ don’t need case; rods are half shell shaped so, once closed, they act as a case, protecting frontal and lenses from scratches, knocks and fingerprints. Previosuly wearing eye spectacles was more problematic because we always needed to carry a case with us to pack them up when not in use; but with ZIC™ specs this problem is eliminated. They are designed with quality material and the lenses are scratch resistant so you need not worry about packing them up again and again. Fold up spectacles by ZIC™ are suitable for your routine usage as you need not search all the time for case to put them safe and the frames act as a protective cover when they are folded away.

Made from the durable material, these ready readers are slim in design that you can easily carry them anywhere. Thus, you don’t need to worry about your non-prescription reading glasses as you can put them in your pocket or bag easily. The frame is made up of transparent thermoplastic material and rods. This material makes the frames so strong and bendable that they will not break even if someone sits on it.

ZICⓇ readers don’t contain any screws or metallic pieces. It is also good to know that they are eco-friendly; almost the entire product is recyclable once they come to the end of their lifetime.

Along with the style and durability, these specs provide you the surety of lenses too. The lenses made with CR39 have been certified and approved by the CERTOTTICA. These are one of the best lenses that are used in the optical.

They are extremely light due to the materials used to produce them, and they are free of any metallic parts. The spherical joints don’t need to be serviced and simply click back together should they become detached.


“Purchased a pair of your readers 5 months ago and they quickly became my favorite pair of glasses. I have received many compliments on them. Thank you for providing a wonderful product and the quick shipment.”

Ted Walker, Bournemouth, UK


“I have 3 pairs of spectacles from ZIC. My favorite is the pink one! Very stylish and light! Love the quick service. Thanks a million!”

Fannie Patel, Edinburgh, UK


“So glad I found your fun folders! GREAT SERVICE- I’ll be back for more. Have been flashing them all over at work- P.S. I work in an eye hospital!”

Marlon Swan, Chester, Virginia


“Very nice glasses, a little funky & cute. Until now all I found was Walmart or Boots ugly things. Thanks”

Abbey Clements, Dorset, UK


“I heard about ZIC from a friend & was a bit sceptical about the prices & quality. What would it be like ordering on-line not knowing the products. Well I went in at the deep end & ordered 2 pairs. What a joy!!! They arrived so quickly to the UK & I am delighted with the quality & the range.”

Quinn Pinnegar, West Sussex. UK


“I bought my first pair of ZIC while on vacation in Germany last month. I have used other “reader” glasses before but NOTHING compares to ZIC! They are so lightweight and flexible it is amazing. Thank you so much!!”

Sam Palmer, Essex, UK

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