A time comes in life when our eyes are not able to read close objects without stretching our arms up to certain limit. This situation usually occurs after age of 40 and opticians suggest regular eye exam after this age so that time to time progressive action can be taken. This type of eye problem in which people are not able to identify close objects, is known as “Presbyopia”; although there are some surgical procedures to recover this problem but one of the most suitable and preferred technique for Presbyopia is use of reading glasses. With increasing popularity, nowadays you can easily find large number of designs, colours and styles of reading glasses. Various online as well as offline vendors are providing quality services for bifocal reading glasses at reasonable price with variety of colours so that one can purchase product as per your personality. Nowadays it is very easy to select eyewear and a huge variety are available in the market but each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. All you need to do is follow the guidelines of your optician and avoid making some eye-damaging mistakes.

Buying progressive lenses and bifocals from online shops is an additional challenge. Multifocals present an even greater problem since additional prescription power and extra measurements are required. There are many sites which do not offer progressive and bifocal lenses. Multifocal lenses also come in a number of styles. In order to find out the right one, you need an in-depth discussion with your ophthalmologist. Instead of limiting your choices within a few bifocal lenses available on a website you need to visit a retail optical shop and find out which frame best suits you optical needs.


A pair of multifocal bought from a renowned online shop costing about $70 were found to be extremely dangerous with wrong prescriptions and varying heights between the centre of the lens. This sort of lens would cause strain in the eyes and headaches and are extremely unsafe to wear while driving. In their response the online shop replied that they have already given detailed warnings on their site which the buyer must have overlooked.


Dark blue folding reading glasses ZIC

Dark blue reading glasses

Below are some interesting facts about bifocal reading glasses that are unknown to most of our users

  1. Bifocal Reading Glasses have Multifocal lenses:


You will be happy to know that Bifocal reading glasses perform a dual operation. These prescription glasses are capable enough to correct eye problems that are associated with distance as well as close up vision. The top portion of the glasses are dedicated for distance whereas lower smaller portion assist your eyes in reading close objects. A very thin but visible line divides these two lens portions to create perfect stuff for vision correction. There are even a few people who usually wear contact lenses for correction of distance problems can also wear bifocal glasses when they are not wearing contacts.


  1. You need time for adjustment with Bifocals:


As discussed above, the bottom part of bifocal lenses is just like a magnifing glass, it helps to keep things closer as compared to their actual location. So this part can be little tricky when you are walking down on stairs and wish to watch your footing; actually you need some time to adjust focus with Bifocal glasses because you have to develop a habit for when to watch through lower part of lens and when you need upper portion for view. You may find you need a split second for adjustment while moving your eyes from upper portion to lower; the most effective way to be comfortable with your glasses is to wear them consistently for one week instead of wearing just for one or two hours.


  1. Bifocals reading glasses without dividing lines:


Some of you will find it difficult or uncomfortable to wear bifocal lenses with dividing lines that is why some manufacturers have now developed bifocal reading glass lenses without dividing line. These lenses are named as progressive lenses; such type of lenses make your transition gradual from lower to upper portion or upper to lower so that you need not to force your eyes to make adjustment for that split second of change. But one of the potential limiting problems for progressive lenses is that you may need more lens space for gradual transition. Your frame must be able to carry comparatively large lens that can accommodate the space needed in perfect manner. Progressive lenses can also be harder for adjustment for a few people as compared to standard bifocals; as per analysis one out of ten people find them little difficult to wear.


  1. Bifocals are also available as contact lenses:


Although bifocal contacts are not suitable for all but they seem to offer better results as hard contacts instead of soft contacts. On the other side some people believe that bifocal contacts are not able to provide quality close vision as you may need for sharp reading. Sometimes bifocal contacts also appear tricky to get fitted inside eyes and you may need to visit your doctor again and again for getting perfect adjustment.


  1. Effect of age on vision:


Studies reveal that vision changes are not constant for all; for a few people these changes keep going with age. This is the major reason that doctors suggest you to undergo regular eye checkup after age of 40 so that all changes can be diagnosed on time and sometimes you may have to change your lenses after one to two years. It is good to keep visiting your eye care specialist so that your bifocal prescription can stay up to date and your eyes can avoid strain.


  1. Fit to pocket glasses:


This is one of the most interesting things about bifocal glasses because you need not to carry a box to store them everywhere. Our primary requirement for accessories are that they must be easy to handle and store; bifocal reading glasses are also available in pen sized cases that can be easily places inside pocket when not in use. These glasses are damage resistant so you can out them easily inside your small bag or pocket while travelling up to long distances.


Bifocal reading glasses are the best option for correction of presbyopia problems; they are easy to carry as you can put them inside your pocket, handbag, car or briefcase without worrying about their damage. These spectacles are designed to provide custom fit with perfect vision so that you can easily identify close objects as well as can view up to longer distances without any trouble. Presently readers are available in various colours and styles in market; you can order any of these depending upon your personality, need and budget. Some online vendors also provide free shipping service on purchase, you can also check for discounts to find the best available prices. Surgical procedures can be risky and must be avoided for Presbyopia cases because bifocal reading glasses are capable enough to provide effective vision correction for close ups as well as for far distances. It is good to follow proper guidance of doctors and ensure regular checkups to get the best available treatment.